50$ a week food budget


It always seemed like we were stealing from other areas of our budget to make up the lack in the food budget. I decided it was time to get a serious or crazy…either way it worked.

I have found that it takes not only being frugal or content with what you have but also to be willing to be organized and desire to feed your family quality food – stick to the plan! 

See I have found the more convenient the foods the more I was paying.

Just think about it – One pizza to feed my family from Papa Murphy’s is about 14.00 – that is more than a 1/4 of my budget for ONE meal…. simply NUTS!!

So I drove of the cliff of try-it-ville and I succeeded.

So here’s how I did it :

1. I picked one grocery store – I picked Savealot since it is right around the corner.

2. Every Monday ( pick your day once a week) I look at what I have in my storage and fridge and ask myself:

 – what meat do I have?  – half bag of frozen chicken, 3/4 left of sausage, hamburger –  whatever it is that you have USE IT! 

 – what produce to I have? – carrots, celery, potato, onions –these can go in just about any recipe

 – what items do I need? – flour, sugar, milk, eggs, cheese

3. Look at the weekly ad and see what is on sale

4. PINTEREST  – I pop in a search for whatever meat I have or what is on sale – use recipes that use as many items you already have or go a long way … for instance in the winter soups are awesome!  Also I had left over sauce from making meatballs, mushrooms still left over, a couple slices of tomato in a baggie, a little less than half a block of cheese and a pizza crust dough pouch my mother in law gave me – all I needed to buy was a little can of olives and sausage.  REMEMBER THAT $14.00 pizza cost — I just cut it to about $2.50 using what I had and the kids had fun cooking too!!

5. Make a list and stick to it – hitting the store ONCE a week!  – and NEVER NEVER GO HUNGRY

and that is about it…

I started making my own bread – click the picture for recipe


( I have a bread machine so I found a Bombproof recipe since I don’t know how to use all the bells and whistles) I add a table spoon of brown sugar = perfect!


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