The dark of the heart and how to heal it

I love birds.

I find them to be beautiful and fascinating.

I like to watch them and they always catch my eye as they fly.

One time, I saw a bald eagle soaring low to the ground. I had to pull over and just wonder and awe at its glory. I caught this glorious take off from a tree. I was awestruck.


Another bird I really like is the owl. It is often equated with wisdom. This morning, I opened my bible to Psalm 102 and came across this verse:

Psalm 102:6 I am like a desert owl of the wilderness,
    like an owl of the waste places.

This verse is in the middle of a prayer of one who is experiencing affliction, feeling faint, and struggling. It is a prayer of pouring out the complaints of the heart. There is mention of being distressed and needing help. This is David. The one God called “a man after His own heart!” David was just a man. A human just like you and me. A man in need. He is calling out to God and revealing his heart and emotions. They are raw and real. He feels struck down and nothing can satisfy his aching heart. He confesses that he isn’t even hungry.

He says ” I AM LIKE A DESERT OWL.” He feels alone. He possibly has gone off to a solitary place to deal with the mess his heart is in. He has a melancholy disposition. He is depressed and experiencing a dark night of the soul. An owl is a creature that watches in the dark. Could it be that we need times of being like an owl? We can’t keep on hopping from one thing to the next like a jackrabbit. The heart gets full and must be divulged to the One who made it, otherwise, it gets stopped up and nothing can flow through it. We must slow down when our emotions and hearts are battered, so that, we can watch and allow God to peer into the dark of our hearts and heal us. – Tweet That!


David comes to the Lord when the enemy taunts him. I love how after David confesses his heart and complains to the Lord the first statement he makes is, “But You, O Lord, are enthroned forever.” That to me is wisdom! David knew where to go for help and remembers our GOD IS ENTHRONED FOREVER! Nothing gets past our Father’s sight. He is still God no matter what is going on in our lives. Nothing misses His glance.

How we Heal:

  1. Confess to the Father what is really going on in your heart. Express every pain and hurt. Divulge every angry thought and fearful tremble to the Lord who made you. Let it all out. He knows when you are holding back so go ahead and let it rip. He can handle it.
  2. Trust that He hears you and will help you. The minute we turn to God He flies into the dark and fights on our behalf. If He is for us who can be against us. Trust Him!
  3. Worship and Praise the One who is Enthroned. Lift up your voice and thank Him for every way He has brought you through in the past. His character is good and faithful. He didn’t let you down then and He won’t now. So Praise, Praise His Name Out Loud!

Will you trust Him with the trembling fears of your hearts?

Father, I trust You!

You are enthroned forever. Your reign never ends. Amen.

Thanks for Listening,


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