Captivated Thoughts: One Foot in Front of The Other


I took a break from this blog, posted here and there. To be honest, a good friend of mine, a man named Tim Polk died and well I hit pause on the blog. One of my greatest cheerleaders went home to be with Jesus suddenly. He was such an encouragement to me. He spoke God promise and Papa heart purposes to me. Spurring me on to write. Spur – means to stimulate to action. It is the root meaning of both words: learn and teach. Aren’t words fascinating! With every conversation and with every post he read. He would tell me what he thought, challenge me to go deeper, encouraged me to continue, and here and there say, “that blew my mind!” He would send me supporting verses that I had not known. His expressions of love and encouragement caused me to understand and know that I liked to write but I LOVE the conversations that writing can bring. In those conversations, I learn and grow! It’s exhilarating! I write my thoughts and the thoughts of others teach me. I love that. With this blog, I have renamed it several times over the years.

I would move on to the next exciting thing…

become bored with it…

or simply because I like change…

Whatever the reason for the renaming and morphing. I still find within me this longing to write, to learn, to teach and to grow! I am not rebranding this blog or changing a thing, rather I want to deepen and broaden the purpose and clarify the reason for it. Originally this blog was about what was going on in my head. Then it went to lessons I was learning from God. Then I had this vision at a conference a year and a half ago and boom. This version of the blog was born. Sunday2Monday is the title I gave it. At first, I took what was preached on Sunday at my church and reinterpreted it as a go-to for those in my church to read and remember what was said.

Side note: Did you know that it takes hearing something at least 7 times before you take action? Yeah, that’s right – s-e-v-e-n. Interestingly enough 7 is also the number for perfection. But 7 times…seriously! No wonder my pastor says that repetition brings revelation. Repeating brings the “aha moment” where you “get it” and you move to action. If I am not active in a thing that I claim to know, then I know nothing of that thing. Tweet This!

Gold Mother's Day Instagram Post

We have to walk out our faith for it to become real! If we look up the word revelation we will find that this is the same word for light, manifestation, coming, and appearing. Wow! Also, these are all words that have a connection to Jesus Christ. You know, the One who the world waited for His coming, the One who is the light, the One who appeared and was manifested in the flesh. Jesus was literally the word made flesh. Say that slowly …word made flesh.…sounds a lot like putting action to what we know. Let’s be a people who make the word of God real in our lives!

Now back to Sunday2Monday, I want this blog to be a help to people who want to put action to what they know and get moving in the things that God has for them. I want to do for you what Tim Polk had done for me. How? By being an encouragement to people. I want to remind us to live not just a Sunday kind of Christianity, but rather one that puts boots on our feet, laces em’ up, and walk this faith thing out the rest of the week right where we are, in the spaces and places, with the people God put around us. That was exactly how Tim Polk lived his life – like Jesus out loud! Let’s begin slowly and surely, knowing that God will grow us in faith one step at a time, as we put one foot in front of the other.

Fearless, Faithful, Forward…

Thanks for Listening,


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