Day 30 – He is the Overcomer

Day 30 -He is the Overcomer

Betrayal. We find this big word in a very tiny section of scripture. One of the 12, who had walked with Jesus, who had seen the miracles, experienced His love, was willing to give Him up for money. It’s unthinkable. It happened. Judas Iscariot, with a heart full of the venom of Satan, had a meeting with the chief priests and officers to betray Jesus.

Luke 22:3-6 Then Satan entered into Judas called Iscariot, who was of the number of the twelve. He went away and conferred with the chief priests and officers how he might betray him to them. And they were glad, and agreed to give him money. So he consented and sought an opportunity to betray him to them in the absence of a crowd.

Long before disloyalty comes to us or before we commit that act ourselves, betrayal breeds in the heart of man. Judas’s love of money was in reality, his first love. He obviously was a companion to Jesus for the benefit it could bring him. We would like to think, Satan entered his heart and made him do those things, but that simply is not true. It was a door of sin that was already open in Judas’s heart that gave Satan a foothold. James 1:14 But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Judas was a victim of Satan’s as an opportunity of sin but it was his own heart that betrayed him and Jesus. Jesus knew Judas would betray Him. I am so glad that Jesus was willing to be touched by every experience so that He could reverse the curse and crush the serpents head. He is the overcomer! Jesus endured betrayal to give us His unending loyalty. – Tweet That!

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PRAYER: Lord, have I been disloyal to You. Have I left sin doors open in my life. Reveal to me what I love more than You. Cleanse me from it and give me Your heart of loyalty.

What has your heart held captive? Do you run after certain things and walk away from God? What it the sin that so easily draws you away from His heart?

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