Day 29 – He is Worthy

Day 29 – He is Worthy

There is so much going on in this next section we are looking at. It happens during the Passover week. In the gospel of John, he gives us details that the other writers do not. We learn that Jesus is chilling in a house with Lazarus, a man He raised from the dead. Lazarus is a miracle that stands out among the many that Jesus raised from the dead. Jesus didn’t just walk in at the funeral or when the sick person was still in the bed at home. Lazarus was in the grave for 4 days. Jesus called him out of the darkness and sleep of death. That is wildly amazing.  We also see that Martha is still a dutiful servant and Mary has the heart of worship, lavishing Jesus with ointment. We find out that Judas was and had been money hungry and would use any cause like “giving to the poor” to manipulate people into giving money so he can skim off the top for his own benefit. From the gospels of Matthew and Mark, we find out that they are all at a former lepers house whose name is Simon. This is a ragtag bunch of people; a walking miracle, a worker bee, a lavish lover, a thief and a former outcast. Jesus pulls them all together.

Mark 14:8 She has done what she could; she has anointed my body beforehand for burial. And truly, I say to you, wherever the gospel is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will be told in memory of her.”

Good, bad, or ugly, the account of these people is forever etched in the scriptures but it was what Mary did for Jesus, 6 days before Passover, that is so memorable, and these others, happened to gain some limelight just for being there. This woman had decided that He was worthy.  In earlier accounts of her, she was said to be sitting at His feet, hanging on His every word while her sister complained that she wasn’t helping. When her brother Lazarus died, her sister Martha ran out to confront Jesus for not coming soon enough. Mary sat still and waited for Jesus to call her to come see Him. When she met Him, she fell at His feet rather than rail against Him. She loved Him. Her humility moved His heart. Jesus is so attracted to the humble of heart that He reverses curses and breathes life back into their devastated places.Tweet That!

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PRAYER: Jesus, I want to love you like Mary did but I am often so full of pride and hard-heartedness. Come make my heart soft like hers. You are worthy of my love. 

Have you recognized when you are prideful? Do you have a hardness in your heart? Maybe you haven’t been thankful for the good that Jesus has done for you or perhaps you just want what you want and forget about God.  Turn to Him today. He is worthy and you are not too far gone.

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