Sunday2Monday: The Gift of Rest 2


Hello Friends, welcome to Sunday2Monday.

The place where we say it again!
As my pastor says: Repetition brings revelation!

I love the boldness of my pastor. His willingness to stick with this message to contend for a Rhythm of Grace in our lives. The Lord has laid it on his heart for such a time as this even though some may be starting to clamor “We are still on this, when are we moving on to the next thing?” He continues bravely. I don’t want to move on! I want to get this thing called Sabbath. Here’s the thing we need to understand, as long as we think that this is a great series and something needed for the people of God but we are unwilling to put it into practice into our own lives, we will not enter into this rest! I am thankful to have a pastor that knows repetition brings revelation. So he keeps saying it to us over and over in a different way each time. ENTER IN!

Pastor Lynn keeps making the distinction that this is not about a religious ritual. Sabbath is not some Old Testament thing.

Religion makes the power of God’s word and the reality of truth in our lives void and of no effect. Religion has a way of taking the truth and distorting it, disconnecting us from the heart of God.

It is a now thing,  a beautiful opportunity to enter into what God has created for us. This Sabbath was made with us in mind, for our rest, our benefit, our pleasure, our delight, and enjoyment. Will we enter in? Maybe we have erroneously thought that God made this Sabbath for Himself. Maybe we think that we are supposed to use this day to “please” Him, to “make” Him happy by our compliance and following the rules. Let me encourage you to renew your mind: Mark 2:27 And he (Jesus) said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. Let that sink in! Let that truth start to settle. Wrestle with it! Don’t just hear it and walk on past. God packed this day full for you! He resourced the day, back when He created it, with everything you would need. A day to re-joy yourself in God.


When I take a trip away from home. I am excited to go and I enjoy the time but there is something beautiful and full of joy in my heart to come home to my own chair, my own bed, my own pillow, my own space, with my people. It’s restful. I stop carrying all my baggage. I am home! That is what Sabbath is about, it is about coming home. As the 1965 Hymn says “This world is not my home, I am just a passing through.” Is your heart truly tethered to heaven? God gives us the opportunity each week to be re-tethered to His heart and to our true home through this gift of rest. Will we enter in?


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Sabbath: the opportunity each week to be re-tethered to God’s heart. – Tweet This!

What are the steps in finding a quality Sabbath?

  1. STOP – Last weeks post gave us this first step. Have we thought about what was said to us last week? Have we practiced say no to the distractions? Have we thought about where we need to put in some boundaries? Have we intentionally chosen to slow down? Have we scheduled time for intentional pausing? Or are we still running this week at full speed just like last week?
  2. FIND OUT WHAT DELIGHTS YOU – I am thrilled that this is the second step. Last week in the Watering Hole I talked about how we can learn to delight in what God has given and stop letting the fear of lack and scarcity run our lives by naming our joy out loud.

it's your day!

( Snag this photo add the hashtag #joyoutloud and start naming the joy all around you)

We have to become captivated by the beauty of God in all of creation. We have to become a treasure hunter, stopping to discover the gold and diamonds left for us long ago when He created Sabbath for us. See the wonder of God in the people around us. Let these gem moments become a holy distraction. Where the troubles of this life stop running rampant in our minds because we are so enamored with His goodness, producing joy in us. As the old hymn composed in 1897 says, “Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your many blessings, see what God has done.” 

There are miracles all around us but we are so familiar with the environments in which we live and the people in our lives we miss the miracles most of the time.

-Pastor Lynn

When God created the Sabbath day for us, He had in mind to give us, as Pastor Lynn put it, “a little bit of heaven on earth.” Pastor Lynn went on to say, “He filled the cupboards and provided all we need. He set the table. How can we not show up to His invitation? Turn away from the barren cupboards of your own soul and emotional emptiness and come to the table His has set.” We have been given all this. A many great and tremendous promises and the provision that ought to cause up to rejoice and experience joy unspeakable and full of glory but no, we instead live as Americans as some of the most unhappy people in the world. Yet people around the world with a quarter of what we have, have more joy than we do. Why? Because we have not yet broken off the deception that says to us that things, busyness, going and getting is what makes us happy. We still trust in this American dream. But that was never God’s dream. This deception has created a cranky group of Christian people who growl about “how good God is” while living with hearts that believe that we better up our game or God is going to be disappointed in us. So we work harder, go faster, produce more.  We have been wearing this heavy yoke of trying to please God through performance and it has left us joyless.

We have an opportunity to reset our spiritual lives.


It begins with taking the runaway train of your life to a full stop and with wide eyes of a lost child to call out to our Father to show us again what wonder is, what joy is, what grace is, and then step into it.

May God do a work in this house in such a way that we completely outlaw cantankerous, grumpy Christianity. – Pastor Lynn

Meet me over at the Watering Hole on Wednesday as we dig a little deeper into how habits can really mess us up when we are dying for a change.

Thanks for Listening,


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