Friday’s Found Goodness

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1. A great song:


2. Quote:

Be Fearlessly Authentic

3. Picture of the week:

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Sunrise beauty

4. Re-visited Post: RED FLAGS


In speaking about Jesus

….when the Pharisee’s and the Sadducee’s had in heart and mind to kill Him, harm Him, stone him…what did He do??

He went away from them!!!

He didn’t try to “LOVE” them by staying close, talking kindly, and being a good Christian boy! Jesus said “He did only what the Father told Him to do” …and HE LEFT, WALKED AWAY, REMOVED HIMSELF, and in most cases NEVER WENT THERE AGAIN. Some came again to Him…sought Him out and He did deal with them in love. BUT their hearts had changed and He knew it.

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5.  Get your thinker thinking:




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