Advent…every little thing is going to be ok

Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.

Ruth 1:16

God is at work

Everyday at work in your “little things.”

All the details of our lives He is interested and engaged

He cares about what you cry about.

The trouble comes when we care more about crying than seeing His care that comes when we cry. We fail to see His love coming…coming….never ceasing …for us.

ADVENT – the opening of eyes to see the LOVE that has come.

Ann asks and will you join in answering

Like Naomi, do you sometimes miss the love all around you? Name some of the people who have been faithful Ruths for you.

What little things eat away at you, worry you?

Your life may be devoid of brazen miracles, but God is a work in the little things too. What events have “just so happened” to come together in a way that indicated God is behind them?


I can be just as blind as anyone else

missing the goodness and joy all around me

I am so thankful for those who have chosen to walk with me

those who love me even when I am blind

Dave, Joy, Tina, Debbie, Jennifer, Grandma, Mom, Venus

These each displaying a different gift and grace of opening my eyes

When getting behind flusters me

When the cold wants to squeeze the joy of the season out

When clutter chokes me out and creates a sense of overwhelm

But it just so happens when running my errands I see the birds

little birds all fluffed in the snow – a picture of provision

The beauty of the first snow – the picture of a blanket covering me

The incidents that happen that every thing just works out

and there really is no need to stress or fuss

God has me and its all good



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