Advent…A scarlet lifeline of hope

You must leave this scarlet rope hanging from the window.

Joshua 2:18

He weaves a thread all through history that He is coming then the Cross proclaims He has come. He gives the gift of Himself to us just a lowly, lonesome, sin filled people and He loves us.

Abundant life : to believe that God is where you doubt He can be – Ann Voskamp

Rahab a women of the night dares to believe a single scarlet rope hanging in her window is the the symbol of salvation. She goes on to marry a Jewish prince named Salmon, becomes the mother in law of Ruth; and the great grandmother of King David. This women believed God would save her and He did.

ADVENT – scarlet lifeline of Christ has come

Ann asks and will you join in answering

Do you know what its like to have a bad reputation? What does it mean to you that God’s grace is enough to cover any kind of past?

Rahab was remembered for her faith. What would you want to be remembered for?

Take time to thank Jesus for being your scarlet rope of salvation.


bad reputation

eyes looking shamefully

mouths speak distain

hearts full of disgust

that feeling of a walking yet empty vessel

searching for a cure

the longing to fill the void pressing

to sad and dirty lengths to find filling

only to never find the satisfaction or the love promised

God chases those with broken reputation

those with marred and jaded pasts

scoops us up in his arms

and pours the oil of love over us

filling every crack with the divine

Grace Grace Gods Grace

Grace that is greater than all my sins

I was wretched but now made whole

I have only but thanks and praise

I could never fill that hole

but He gave Himself to me

and called me righteous

Remember me

Say that I loved Him

that I did what He asked of me

that I loved others

that I lived unafraid to display Him

Thank you Jesus for that cord

thank you for the blood let covering

The Cross that makes my reputation and my sin

no more



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