Vulnerable doesn’t come easy to a girl like me

My body made like a bottle with a built in cork

home of a soul who keeps the thoughts inside

introvert is the word we use for people like me

intro …. where this all go on …on the inside

I think Christmas time makes everyone vulnerable

worries and fears

family coming for the holidays

freaking and cleaning

and don’t forget the Christmas cards

wouldn’t want to upset anyone

family relation who don’t really get along

and then all the gifts to buy

and  money is never the plenty this time of year for us

gifting is always stressful

is there a better way

how do you go against the grain

in a culture so bent on getting

I do know what I do have

time for you in my life

and hands to help when ever their needed

a heart to love you and show you kindness

feet to walk with you an extra mile

Silver and Gold have I none

but what I do have that I will give you

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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