31 day challenge – Day 20


NEWPICS 054-002

1. Found Something:


Did you know that HYVEE has a ecoupon card and that you can load coupons on to it and get your savings!!! The difference with this card is that the savings doesn’t come off at the register. It goes into an online account at savingstar.com and when you have 5 bucks from your coupon savings then you can cash out or wait. Transfer the money to your bank account, paypal, or amazon card …cool!


You can also use your CVS extra care card this way by signing it up on the saving star site!!

Look for other stores in your area on the site…

WOOT — find savings!!!

2.  MAKE A GUITAR for the 4 YEAR OLD!!

Cardboard – use what you have!



Kids made Home made Oatmeal and Raisin cookies – all ingredients were in the cupboard. – use what you have!!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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