31 day challenge – day 31 -PICTURES

  FUN DAY!!! First a field trip to a pumpkin farm THEN WE WENT TO A CHURCH FESTIVAL AND MY HUSBAND WAS IN THE PIE THROW!! Low cost fun!!!! excellent …that’s it for my 31 day challenge thanks for joining me!

31 day challenge – Day 28 & 29

OH MY GOODNESS I AM ALMOST THERE!! Day 28 – Day of Rest Day 29 1.  Had a lady at my son’s school ask me to watch her grand daughter …. She paid me 20 bucks !! awesome Had been thinking and praying how can I make a little extra money. 2. FREE ENTERTAINMENT :…

31 day challenge – Day 27

1. Use what you have: LOTION My facial cleansing lotion is not cheap but it is the only thing that really works for me. It is called Merle Norman. well you know when you have a pump bottle and it just stops pumping. Here is a tip – get a little jar you can put…

31 day challenge – Day 26

  FRUGAL BIRTHDAY NIGHT!!! HUSBAND TURNED 36 – and he loves these cookies 1. PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES Peanut butter cookies:     2. HOMEMADE PIZZA!!!! YUM!! All ingredients …in the cupboard and fridge –woot!

31 day challenge – day 25

  1. LAST WEEKEND OF THE MONTH Get a 50% off movie rental code from any Redbox location, when you use the code  JXX6GHR3  at checkout. To use the code you will need to visit your local  Redbox location, select “Rent with Promo Code,” enter code, select movie and continue to check out. This code…