31 day challenge – Day 30

NEWPICS 054-002

1. Thank you to Common Sense lady

BIC Round Stic pens are 50 cents this week at Staples

But with this dollar off coupon they are free!

Use $1/2 Bic Pen printable coupon




A friend of mine has a neighbor who did some work on his garage. I had been to my friends house a couple of times over the last few weeks and there is this big dumpster across from her drive way. In it are 4 full sheets of plywood. My husband is fixing his garage and is in need of about that much plywood. So she asked for us if we could have it!!

YES WE CAN!!! score! My father in law and I are going to get it today while my husband is at work. YEAH!!!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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