31 day challenge – Day 16

NEWPICS 054-002

1. Cleaned out the Fridge – ate the left overs for dinner Rolling on the floor laughing


2. Clippin coupons is coming in handy! I saved $13.00

bucks . I got 4 -12 packs of soda for our youth group snack

shack for 10 bucks. And I got bags of candy on the cheap! Reg

price was like 3.49 per bag  I got them 2 for 2.99 – SCORE!!


OHHHHHHHH and did you know that if you sign up for MyPoints – you can clip and print coupons on the site and when you redeem them you get 10 points per coupon. Rack up points for gift cards!! ohhh yeah!!


3.  Making pork chops that husband cut from a loin –and

sweet potato yumminess tonight!!


4. Had a mess in the car – so I utilized the dumpster at my

grandmothers apt. complex –clean again!!! woot!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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