The Little Things


(Double click the photo collage to see full size)

Everyone posts the best pictures… of the BIG MOMENTS…

so how about all those little moments we snap with the camera lense that don’t make it on the facebook page or in a weekly post.

1. NAKED LADIES – that’s right I said it …those are naked lady bulbs from my husbands flower bed. They were super multiplying into the garden area.

2. Baby Frogs – one year visiting my sister we showed up at hop around time or something there were hundreds of them out in the yard…she has a pond. lol

3.  A Walnut Shell – my son found it all excited, he set it down on this log and it just looked so beautiful and it spoke to me about God placing seeds in us and how sometimes the shell that we have to let go of to grow is beautiful …but the best is coming …so …let….go.

4. CHEESE!! – The kids and I made pizza boats. Just had a great time teaching the little mister how to turn the cheese into shreds.

5. Architecture – this metal brassy thing was just on a wall outside of the City Museum in St. Louis. Very cool!.

6. A Flower – the beauty came up despite the fact there was a rock on top of her. Aren’t you glad that God gives us visuals. That even when there is a heavy load on us we can still bloom and grow.

7. CHICKEN – my friend has chickens in her backyard. Fresh eggs…oh yeah!

8. Patterned Pillow – was on the couch at the condo we stayed in on our vacation to Florida for Thanksgiving…it was so wonderful there.

9. Bell Peppers – Great crop from last year!

10. Crane – My sister and I made my mom a mobile …of crane birds , she loves it!

11. Garlic Chives – first thing up in the garden  this year.

12. A leaf – so strange yet so beautiful , just laying on the path. It was riddles with holes like we are when we sin and yet I still saw beauty just like Jesus does you and me.

13. An Acorn – David spotted LOVE on the top of an acorn! Don’t you just love it when God shows you his love in unexpected places.

14. Shell – from the beach in Florida…oh I want to go back.

15. Elephant Tattoo – so random this picture that I can remember anything about it! lol

16. Fake Flowerets – we made head pieces with flowerets and feathers, then all us girls got together and played dress up for the afternoon. We walked downtown and to a bridge and had ourselves a photo shoot! That was a great time.

17. Truck – Grandpa was digging in an area in his yard. Little mister wanted to help so grandpa gave him the task of getting all the rocks out! lol

18 – lol–yes again Naked Ladies.. hahahahahahha Rolling on the floor laughing What a thing to name a flower.

That’s it for Random little things!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    Thank you Ladies!! :0)


  2. Krista says:

    Love this concept! Great pictures! Stopping over from finding joy 🙂


  3. Malisa says:

    What a nifty photo collage! I liked all of the random little things you shared this week.


  4. naked ladies are some of my favorite flowers! love!!!


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