Do you brace?


I recently watched this movie and it is still speaking to me.

Buck is a man who works with horses. He is the guy that Robert Redford based his character on in the movie The Horse Whisperer.

In the movie Buck does a visual experiment with another man. They each hold the end of a rope. Buck talks about how horses can “ feel” what you are doing through slight movement. So he tugs on the rope and the man grabs tight. As Buck is talking he randomly tugs that rope and the man grabs tight. Then Buck just makes a movement but not exactly the same and the man braced for the tug.

While I am watching this I am thinking that is how we as humans are as well. When we get around someone and “feel” that familiar feel that we got as a kid or a teen when someone hurt us =WE BRACE!

Sometimes it looks like defensiveness, or anger, flight from the person, or some kind of lashing out. In these areas where these AUTO BRACING happen are areas where we do not trust.

I remember many time in the early years of my marriage my husband would “feel” to me like danger. I would brace hard and push back. My defensiveness was quick to rear its ugly head. Just like the horses did by stamping there feet and rearing up.  Many times he treated me just like Buck did the horse in this movie. Slowly backing the horse up with gentleness and love. All the while speaking truth and controlling his emotions. I had to be backed up into a corner a few times and told I am not going to hurt you.

God used my husband to teach me to trust again. I really didn’t see that because it happened slowly over many years but since watching this movie and looking back in reflection. I can see God’s hand teaching me His love and kindness. I can see how far God has walked me in trusting Him with my heart no matter what people may do.


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