Joy Full Sound OFF-March Blessings


linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes

118. Having coffee with a new friend ..TIFFANY!!

119. Realizing how sometimes I just go into anxiety…and then I remember in whom I have believed!!

120. A Friend Jennifer – made me an egg and cheese and yummy coffee -THANK YOU!!

121. Hanging out after school with my BFF TINA!!! -there was a parking lot there! lol

122. Getting a phone call from Friend Venus — just a little counsel ! :0)

123. SISTER PHONE CALL — looking forward to a visit!

124. Shooting a Promo Video for Separation of Church and Church –look at me being all serious~!! lol

125. Having the joy of the Lord overtake me in the middle of a song… I just let the people sing and I just smiled and laughed…about 20 seconds..but it was great!

126. Birds singing in the morning

127. Reading the bible and hearing God say STOP and chew on that…Selah

128. Yard work… got the front plant beds cleaned out.

129. Being a part of things that are bigger than me.


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