Friday Facts

Copy of NEWPICS 362-5


1. Picture of the week:

Nancy went home to see the Lord …miss her loving face. She battled Cancer. Hate that word. Given 6 months she determined the Word of the Lord was her promise. She would not go home to heaven one day before the Lord called her home, her days number by His hand and His love. She keep on truckin’ for 3 more years.  Leaving a love trail behind her of encouragement and an example of joy in the midst of trial,

  This is Nancy in the cowboy hat and another sweet friend Janel.



2.  Something on my Heart :

Ever have competing wants causing none to come forth

Let your eye be single….


3.  A song:

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friday favorite things | finding joy

4. Favorite WFW:

Karen Kyle Ericson @

I love this wonderful verse!!

The leaves just call to me and tell me it will all be ok.  I needed this one this week for sure.


5.  Confession:

Sometimes I eat junk all day


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Mommy's Idea

6. Tip of the week:

I just put 5 bucks in my Paypal account through Swagbucks

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7.  A QUOTE:

No one enters into the real joy of

the Lord in spite of the hard times

—- but squarely through the door

of the hard times.

-Ann Voskamp

8.  Interesting:

Classy Raptor is Classy. Roooooarrrrr!


I saw this picture and thought


9.  A VERSE:

MARK 9:50b

Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another

any comments??

10.  Prayer Request:

Got an issue that is unresolved. I ask that you pray with me that the door opens for unity to emerge.

ps…BFF put it this way : opportUNITY

each moment and situation has this in it!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. I am so sorry about your friend. I hate cancer too. I liked your facts and the quote. I hope you had a blessed weekend:)


  2. wayne says:

    It is never easy to lose to a loved one. My condolences.


  3. Oh Starla, I really hate the word cancer as well. I’m sorry about Nancy. I love the quote by Ann Voskamp. So so true.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Blessed by our friendship.



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