It rains, it pours

Doesn’t it seem that when it rains it slowly starts to pour?

It starts with a drop or two of rain…


A stressful week

and then a little more…

someone making your friend  out to be what they are not

a beloved pet dies

a then more heavy….



a friend gets cancer

a Grandma in the hospital

a man with a lead foot who got tickets (big chunk of change) turns into taking classes or revoking will come…another $105.00 more to shell out.

So when it rains it pours!

BUT one thing that it wonderful about RAIN is you get WET with the water of Christ when He comes to hold you up through the storm. He drenches you in love when we are walking through the tough stuff.

So what do we do …. WE DANCE IN THE RAIN!


WE SING PRAISE TO THE KING…and let Him fill us with HIS PEACE! And you LOOK for all the blessings along the way!


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  1. starlaa says:

    yes lets dance!! :0)


  2. I used to love playing in the rain! Great analogy. I am going to start practicing dancing in the rains life brings!


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