Like HIM!


Pastor talked about how in Act 11 the people were first called Christians at Antioch. These where people who talked, walked, and acted so much like Christ that they gave them this title.

CHRISTIAN meaning “little Christ”

They were givers


They were full of Love

They were servants

They were LIKE CHRIST!

He said that 85% of America says they are Christian!

Can we find 85% who in America who ACT like Christ??

They he gave us a CHALLENGE — Getting right to the heart of our lives – HOW WE BEHAVE IN OUR CARS! lol

Do we let people in when they need to get over?


Do we cut people off when we are in a hurry?

Do we flip them off if they do?

If we would begin to be polite drivers …we could start a revolution in driving behavior. My husband this past week got a notice that he was required to attend drivers improvement class. You think maybe God told Pastor that some of his sheep need a drivers improvement message?? LOL

Another thing my Pastor brought up was HOPE!

Christians are to be people of HOPE.

The greek word is Elpis.

(Elpis)Hope is expectation or anticipation that God is working all things for our good!

Do we have lips that speak HOPE to the people in our circles.


Do we have a word of encouragement?

Lord help us to be people who don’t cut others off  but instead be people who offer hope by pointing others to Christ.


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  1. Heart n Soul says:

    Love that quote about hope 🙂


  2. I like the idea of us being ‘little christ’s’!


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