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When your gone for a week…. the next week is sweet homecoming.

I enjoyed my time with my sister, but each night I looked forward to winding down the evening laying in my guest room bed talking on the phone to my husband.

Now life isn’t all peaches and cream and all the frill has worn off ….this is still the man who leaves his boots in the middle of the floor, leaves crumbs on the counter and tracks dirt in the house.

Why is it that when you aren’t home, he is so lovely on the phone?

Oh that’s right because at the moment “YOU ARENT LIVING WITH HIM!!” LOL

So thankful for him!



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  1. starla says:

    Yes! a little space makes for sweet hellos when returning!


  2. starla says:

    Awwwww so sweet! Thanks for stoppin Ron!


  3. starla says:

    We did! …I enjoyed the talks.
    Thanks for stoppin!


  4. starla says:

    :0) thanks for stoppin!


  5. Call Me Cate says:

    This is why I’m looking forward to my husband being away next week for work. It’s nice to miss him occasionally.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


  6. Ron. says:

    I share the sentiments. My Beloved Sandra travels often, often for long periods. Her return is always bliss.


  7. starla says:

    Thank you! Yes…I know :0) I have learned to just joyfully pick up, remove and clean up .


  8. starla says:

    absence makes the heart grow fonder! :0)


  9. Tinman says:

    It’s a really lovely post. As for the boots and the crumbs and the dirt, sorry, that’s just what we men do…


  10. That is so sweet! My hubby is gone now too. He is in Kenya for 18 days.


  11. Linda says:

    So glad you two could enjoy some good hour long conversations on the phone while you were away!

    But I know you are glad to be home!

    Happy Saturday!


  12. Karen S. says:

    oh yeah, you said it!


  13. starla says:

    so true ..that is how it felt. Like I couldnt wait until 830 so I could call him and we could talk for an hour….we are lucky to have an hour to talk to eachother when we are the same house. LOL


  14. absence does make the heart grow fonder! 😀 and, i have to agree with you…when away, it’s like dating all over again! 😀


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