Write out of the Box

I am trying an experiment. I decided that I would try to write outside my comfort zone. I tend to be detailed in facts but not descriptive like when you tell a story. So, I am going to try to do that. Let me know how I do?

Title : The Wounds Ran Deep

Let me tell you a story about a girl, many in fact.

She lives in the heart of every women. Guarded… Contained… A Jewel…

This little girl is in search of Love, longing to fit in, to be a part of someone’s life, to be herself.

She’s has spent her life just learning to trust her own heart, trying to believe it is tender, lovable still…because the voices that cut her left marks she cant remove.

The wounds ran deep…

Hard crust formed early like volcanic rock

hardened from years of dry, arid loneliness.


There were long days running, bypassing the pain and long nights crying when reality crushed in.

She spent time hiding in darkened closets while dad’s drunken parties raged.

While mom’s crying, cant stand this no-more, crazy rants screamed into a sadness locked in her heart. 

Leaving the little girl to do it all, take on too much, and grow faster then she should have.

Alone. She grew into an independent I can do it myself, don’t tread on me kind of woman.

She watched in the background when dad was no longer at home and Mom was left to carry the weight.

She watched the bottle consumed her mother, who lost herself from the abuse she had endured.

Her mom became so far removed that the girl was left fending alone.

She grew to be fearful in heart. She felt that no one could truly be trusted. No one stays long enough anyway. “I will just go my own way” she said to herself.

The wounds ran deep… 

Steel gated castle of protection she formed around her heart.

Hiding in plain sight.


So many thought she was just Cold.  An ice age within. 

They saw ANGER…..but inside the little girl was hurt and wanting to find kindness in the eyes of others. She was a little jaded and a little shy.

So many thought she was like Barbed wire. No compassion to give.

They saw UNCARING… but inside the little girl just wanted to know who she could trust with her inner thoughts and feelings. She was cynical and critical, weary of giving hands.

The wounds ran deep…

Her heart crying out for love and affection, and fear was gripping her life.

No where to run, no peace to find.


But there was ONE who looked out for her. JESUS!  His hand reaching forth. Calling out her name. Hope rising.

It wasn’t until Jesus collided with her heart that LIFE CHANGED!

It was as if things became brighter, people seemed gentler and life was bearable now.

Now the girl sees her own shadow and isn’t afraid to face it.

She hears her own voice and doesn’t stutter when she speaks.


And the wounds are being healed….


She is now hiding under the shadow of the ALMIGHTY…

Being loved on by God. Wrapped like ribbon on a prize.

Now the girl is allowing the sprinkling of the HOLY SPIRIT…

Like a powder of love made like a paste that is mending her broken heart and drawing out the pain.

With each release she stands a little more straight.


And the wounds are being healed….


She is now sharing her once hidden heart. Allowing the light of her CHRIST to shine through.

Blending her light with the light of others. Making them Rainbows in His Crown.

Women — all that were little girls once. 

Whether life has touched you in the smallest, lightest or harshest of ways. We must remember!!

That The GOD who sent His Son to die for us….BY WHOSE STRIPES WE ARE HEALED…




And the wounds were healed…

by His great love!



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