Friday’s Facts -on time :0)


Its Random Time…with FRIDAY FACTS!!!

1. GIANT SNOW STORM descended on the country here’s what it looks like in the aftermath at my house:

That is about 14” of snow….and today is REALLY COLD!!!!

2.  Yesterday while we were snowed in (and of course while I DID NOT want to go outside) I spent my time on the phone with my majorly missed BFF Tina. She has her voice totally back so I didn’t feel bad at all keeping her on the phone with me. :0)

 I am going to tell you all a little secret…..

There is no one we know…..and there is no battery that can outlast… long her and I can talk on the phone. lol I havent seen her in over two weeks (we go to same church) and she had been really busy before she got sick and we hadn’t got together since just after her birthday (so that is about 4 weeks)

 ……that is a reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally long time for us.

Soooooooooooo we way outlasted and broke our own record on how long we can talk on the phone :  362 mins and 30 seconds (thought I would let you figure that out :0)

btw –tina told me she has out text totals as of yesterday

 3.  Did you know that Panera has a My Panera Card. It gives you perks !! Just for signing up I got a free sweetie :0) and my Grandma signed up too and the other day when we were in there she was told she will have a dollar off her next visit. That is WONDERFUL!!! go get one!

4.  Ever had little things pile up on you and make you feel like this  “if one more thing happens I am gonna lose it!! grrrr!! Listen to this…..and remember :0) how blessed you are !!

5. Husband made Ham and Bean soup the day the snow moved in…

IT WAS GOOD…for warming ME!!!

6. Want a place you can buy a cool T-shirt and be a blessing to others, check out

click pic to go to

HEAVEN RULES –if you aren’t familiar with Heaven Rules check out my post Heaven (still) Rules.

7. I got a magazine insert for ULTA and they have a perfume that I think smells delicious…

It is called : POPPY by Coach (I think it is way cool that the one new perfume that I like is called Poppy because that is the name that I gave my Grandpa when I was little.  I miss you Poppy!!)

8. Did anyone else think January went fast….like faster than Jan of 2010.

9. What do you do to get creative???

10. And a QUOTE of course :0)


 (Picture made by

Have a great Friday!!


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