I walked into my kitchen and I song came up from my spirit —

There’s no need to PUSH, its all in the Fathers timing…
no need to PUSH, if we trust the ways of Jesus
I dont have to work at this
I dont have to make it happen
I just have to stand on His blessings trusting His ways

I trust that it all comes when Its suppose to. I dont need to PUSH cause when I do I regret it when I try to make it happen my way.
The Lord really does know when something needs to happen. We get out ahead of Him and most often for selfish reasons.

Do you know that feeling in you??? …the PUSH!!
It is when you are fighting for a way, you are trying to make something happen, you are pushing….

I have learned to recognize that feeling. When I notice it, it really helps me if I just stop what I am doing. JUST STOP IT!

I have found myself trying to get someone to see my point of view…I WAS IN THE PUSH.. I was thinking that I was doing this person a favor by trying to get them to see my point. What I found out once I quit trying because I was met with much defense was I was trying to tell this other person how to feel. I was telling them that what they were bothered by was silly. I was disregarding this other persons view and hurt. When I stopped pushing – I saw what I was doing.

I am really starting to learn for me to be in the PUSH means I am defending MY way. It means I am not trusting that the outcome will be good if I let the Lord take care of my everything. My unbelief glaring me in the face. The fruit of my actions.

There is a song with these words:

I cant make you Love me, if you dont…

I cant make my heart feel something it wont.

When I try to MAKE someone do, see, hear, feel, or give something….its not real! It is witchcraft!

May we all learn to recognize the ways that we PUSH, to see that what we are doing is simply not believing in whom we say we believe in…and ask for forgiveness for being EGO driven to have our way, letting the workings of witchcraft in our midst.

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  1. rreee says:

    boom chica wowow


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