Is it truth?

Why is it that people can’t see what they are doing, when they are the ones doing it? I know I have been there. How is it that we can not see ourselves clearly and need the eyes of another?

I know the answer –it is DARKNESS. Men love the darkness more than the LIGHT. You can’t see in the dark. That is why it is important to follow and listen to TRUTH where ever it comes from. TRUTH is JESUS. Truth is LIGHT. If we follow and listen to the light. We will walk in the light and not the darkness.

The problem comes when LIGHT comes to our eyes and ears and it LOOKS and SOUNDs unkind, harsh, angry, mean or any other way you have SEEN light come your way and you rejected it because of the packaging it came in.

TRUTH is TRUTH –it is either true or it is not–and you know if it is or isnt because you either turn and walk in the dark (make excuses or reason it away)  or follow the light. ( See it and deal with it)

When we reject truth because we are HOOKED on our own feelings and comfort. Hooked on our own need to be seen in a good way. Hooked on our EGO. When we reject that TRUTH we are walking in Darkness.

YEAH YEAH…maybe it wasnt said nicely….maybe it was not timely….maybe it was not how you would have like to have had it said. BUT WAS IT THE TRUTH!!! No matter what you feel or think or how you got your undies twisted – that is the question??? IS IT TRUTH?

Answer that and you will learn the lessons in each moment and circumstance regardless of the packaging. You may possibly find intimacy within a relationship because you are able to hear truth without being offended.

Have a great Friday!!!

PS…HAPPY 4th of JULY weekend!! BE safe and enjoy!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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