whats your intention…are you doing it..


Using the weapons of the enemy, no matter how good one’s intentions, makes one the enemy.” – Charles De Lint

Well isn’t that the truth!!!

No matter what the bottom line is if you use enemy tactics you have become an enemy.

While I am writing this I am hearing the BUT’s

Well what about when you have to tell your friend the opposite so you don’t ruin the surprise party…

Well you have to vent about the things that happen between you and so and so or your will blow up and it will get worse…

Intention is a determination to act in a certain way

Ok so lets see what this looks like…

Lets say that you want to be like or be in a certain position. This position is something you have wanted for a long time. You are excited about it. There is an opportunity for you to learn more from a person in this position. Your intention is to learn and grow in knowledge from befriending this person. When you meet her his demeanor rubs you the wrong way. He is busy and really doesn’t have time to speak with you at that moment. You on the other hand have been waiting and full of all this excitement. You get upset and interrupt her conversation with a tinge of attitude comment “excuse me I have been waaaaaaiittting to speak with you??” You have just lost your patience. You have just moved yourself in your own mind to thinking yourself more important than what she has going on. You ego has become inflated. You are now not befriending, you are enacting enemy tactics of inflated self importance.

We could use this understanding with when our intent is to become close to those around us and we are using the tactics of gossip and putting others down to look good in others eyes. Underneath we may be trying to fill a need of being loved or accepted, yet when we use throwing others under the bus to look good we are no better than the enemy.

Watch your intentions today…be sure that you are walking in love when acting out your intent!!

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  1. starla says:

    Oh those are for sure BIG weapons of the enemy…It really bothers me when I feel guilted into doing something…I want to be compelled by love not pushed by guilt and fear!!

    Shame is a good one too…who is walking in love when they feel that they are being SHAMED if they dont do it!!


  2. I agree. And the quote is right on, “Using the weapons of the enemy, no matter how good one’s intentions, makes one the enemy.” I think of our one true enemy and his weapons: guilt, shame, pride….I surely don’t want to play with any of those weapons.


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