A quick look at a psalm


I have been looking at Psalm 119 :1-8

I am going to bring out a few things in these first few verses…

In verse 2 it says that blessed are those who keep His testimonies. I looked up that word testimonies and it turns out that  testimonies means to : say it again and again.

To me that is to REMIND myself over and over again of what He has done for me…and not just remind but it says TO KEEP..meaning to gaurd. I am to gaurd against that enemy that tries to tell me the lies that God is not Good…and I fight that by REMINDING myself of HIS GOODNESS!!!

In verse 4 it says You have commanded us to keep your precepts diligently. A precept definition is  an action that is given as a rule of thumb. In the Hebrew it can also mean to pay attention by exploring and inspecting. If we are to keep these precepts diligently we must FIND out what they are, we must dig in the Word. We must seek them out.

In verse 5 it says Oh that my ways were directed to keep your statutes. I really like this one. Statutes is a presciption. When I saw that I immediately thought. Christ is my prescription for sin. What more could we do than Praise Him for THAT!!!

If we look at those words is reverse it would be…Christ is my prescription for sin and because of that I am going to diligently seek and search out what He has given for me to do. When I find those things out, I will continually remind myself of what He has for me, how good He is, and what He says to do to live this life.

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  1. starla says:

    YES…I am excited!! God has some good stuff in store for his people. I am REMINDING myself too :0)


  2. How amazing! I’ve been stuck in the Psalms all weekend myself 🙂

    Amen, we should really dig into the Word. I think I miss things when I don’t give it that extra thought, or pick up the Hebrew dictionary sometimes…I’m seriously on a mission to seek out what the scripture is saying to me. And I know I want to be blessed. I’ll be reminding myself about what God has done all day! And all night too!


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