Bad Attitude Bandit



Never done confession of the month before but I like to think real-ness is the best-ness so here it goes:

Disclaimer –Confession of the month is going to be about those things that happen to me, in me, or out of me, possibly around me that are what really happened from my view-point. A lesson, peace and comedy is what I have found in these moments and so this is just a sight seeing boat ride for you on what happens in those moments in my life … the Lord has brought it to my attention that everything that happens to me is for my learning in some way  -:0)

I went to a jewelry party with a friend. I had already been to one the week or two before. So I wasnt in the mood for spending more money…(It really was a lovely party btw the meatballs were de-lish!!!)

So while we are there the host and her Party Lady explain that we are going to be  putting on a jewelry show. I didn’t want to show…I was in a mood…I just wanted to sit, watch, be a non-participant and go home. So I have to get dressed up. The person dressing you is told that they are to pick pieces that they think the other person wouldn’t usually wear.

SHE HIT THE NAIL WITH A HAMMER!!! I felt like a bohemian, it was not my style at all!! I sunk deeper into my MOOOOOOD!!!

What did I learn : Going anywhere with a bad attitude gets you more of the same!!

I was nicknamed THE BANDIT while I was there, apparently I don’t hide my mood as well as I think I do.

(A bandit is a robber and I was stealing JOY!!!)

I was thanked via Facebook for not BOXING the host…

(Boxing: Letting my attitude be out of control)

Then I was told by the Party Lady :

“yes Starla (aka the bandit) you were the star of the fashion show. :)”

(STAR: the spotlight – my MOOD!!!)

Gotta love those ladies and their humor :0)

I thank them for having a gentleness and a lightness while I was fighting (and not succeeding) my moodiness and giving me a reason to laugh when it was over !! lol



Job 4:8 “As I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same.

Be careful of what you are putting out…you will only be getting more of the same!! Choose wisely:0) God has a way of teaching us the lessons we need its all around us if we have eyes to see!! Thank you Lord, help me to not be a joy stealer and give me the strength to rest in your peace in the midst of all situations!!

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  1. jessiekaitlyn says:

    wow haha so true! bad attitudes can be contagious, but fortunately, so can good ones (: check out my latest post on bad attitudes when you get a chance (:


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