Accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.-Kahlil Gibran – Quotesnack.com

WINTER – When the days are shorter….the cold has set in…….hibernation a part of life……..things die back waiting for spring to renew. My heart every winter settles into a natural routine of introspection…….going within…….letting things of previous seasons be released – to die away- readying for new growth. The time I refocus my purpose to the year. Making goals I would like to accomplish. Allowing dreams, thoughts and ideas that are not mine to be let go from my soul. A time when I let life slow down. I let myself just be and see what is in me.

SPRING – The time of new growth….plantings….giving of new birth….A New Day. This a a time of planting the seeds within of what Iwant to do. This is the time of tilling the ground of my heart to see if the soil is good (positive attitude) for planting. A time to reach out and gain perspective from those around me.

SUMMER – A time of gaining strength…of hot days…of pruning the garden. This is the time to continue on in goals I have made. Gaining stamina to keep on path…to keep going…to not give up. This is the time of testing…when the heat is on in life. The testing of my courage to keep at it. A time of watching for weeds (negative thinking) that come up and need to be plucked.

FALL – A time of harvesting…the time of pruning back…time of restful living. This is the time when I begin to see the fruits of what I did in previous seasons. It when I give it a last gusto and being to relax. A time for preparing for winter. When I start to ponder in my mind…storing up for the winter to come. Finishing up things…bringing things to a close.

Find your ebb and flow with the seasons…the seasons  are there to picture to us the ebb and flow of the soul. There was a time that I pushed myself on in full throttle when I was in a winter season…I always got sick and my body cried out for rest…pumping myself with coffee to continue…because I thought winter time was boring…I changed my thinking and now I enjoy my winter hibranation time and I am feeling peaceful…just how it should be.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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