Real Slow Change


Be slow in choosing a friend, but slower in changing him. — Scottish Proverb

Some of us go about changing people by judgment… force….by control….by manipulation. For we think they need to see the light that we see and they need to be set free.

Change does not happen for long-lasting true results this way. You may get a temporary adhering to your ways…you may get a so-called look of respect…you may feel like you have succeeded but in the end these people will POP back into who they truly are if the heart has not been truly changed.

You know what I think all this wanting to change other people is about… isnt really about changing others…its about justification for the SELF. That your thinking is right…that your ways are good. It’s really about a validation need. It is really about wanting to feel good and true and right…and so sometimes we reach out in negative ways to change people and our surroundings to get some sense of that feeling.

You know what the best way to change others is………….LOVE THEM……..BE WHO YOU ARE……….BE OK WITH YOU- TO LET OTHERS BE OK WITH THEM………AND SHARE WHO YOU ARE….

We all are natural learners…because this life is set up that way…to learn, and when we love others by letting them be them and letting us be us…we share our inner worlds….and we share the truths within us…we share the light we have that was placed within us by God…and what God has placed there is our truth…the truth of who we are – and when TRUTH is present we don’t need to change anybody or anything….because the TRUTH sets us FREE all by itself.

Jhn 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

When we live truthfully with eachother…we don’t feel the need to shackle others to OUR THINKING!

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  1. Kelly Byrn says:

    So true!!! If we could just take people as they are and not try to impose our thoughts and ideas on them as the only RIGHT way to live, the world would be a much sweeter place! 🙂


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