Mat 12:33 Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by [his] fruit.

Today my thoughts are falling on the way we make decisions. We often decided based on assumption, first impressions, and what we think is right…not what we know is right. Trees produce fruit…fruit is something we can consume for health. Consuming things that stink like rot and death make you sick. We consume rot and death all the time. We eat peoples words …things that they say about us …and take it for truth. Have you decided if their words were made of good fruit for you. Did it sting and yet you grew in understanding and it produced joy?…that is good fruit!…some fruit is sour to the taste but good for your health. Or did it sting and rot in your stomach, dizzying your mind, making  you unstable and miserable? ..that is NOT good fruit. It was rotten fruit and something you should not have eaten.

To often I think we look at what we see around us …and judge it all to quickly. We forget the principal that it’s what it PRODUCES that tells us what something is made of !! When we judge to quickly in a garden that is grown from seed…we  pull up great plants for our health and throw them out thinking we have just WEEDED the garden and we are proud of all the work we did.

How often do we do this with people? 

I know I have….I have been seeing that I have grand fruit givers around me and I am in the midst of beautiful trees of life….and I am thankful!!!

Dont forget to CHECK YOUR FRUIT —

What does our thinking PRODUCE: fear, worry, shame, dread, hate….or is it love, forgivness, encouragement, joy, and peace?

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  1. crazinessinc says:

    Great reminder!! Seems like sometimes it’s easier to just eat the bad fruit and not hold out for the good stuff. Or not looking at the good and only seeing the bad and assuming that’s all that’s there. Loved the post!


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