Contradict and live!

Living inside the contradictions – Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Body and Soul Magazine – From Devotion: A memoir by Dani Shapiro

This sentence stuck out to me from a recent article I read. I thought “wow! isn’t that the truth!” We are all living inside the contradictions.  Contradictions imply both truth and falsity at the same time. We all live within these parameters. We live here in this world and we can become so wrapped up in this world of things with all the sights and sounds and yet the Bible says that all things were created by Christ, through Him and for Him. We see what is in front of us and yet there is a spiritual world that we cannot see with our natural eyes. Often times we are called upon in our souls to believe and have faith, to grab hold of hope and yet at the same time we are served up a dose of what we call “reality” that doesn’t makes us FEEL like we can have those gifts because of what we see. Contradictions everywhere!!!

Even though they are there. Even though at times we can become overwhelmed with life and it is hard to stay positive amid a grand assault on our souls. Center yourself within…AND LIVE!!! Live within the contradictions. Dont let life keep you from BEING ALIVE!! Smile …walk outside and breath in, fill your lungs and KNOW that you are ALIVE. Know that, that means that you have opportunity for greatness in this very instant. Whether it is to laugh till your gut hurts, Smile till your face  falls off, or even feel the hurt inside and walking through the valley of sadness. Know that you can FEEL…you can SEEK…you can WALK ON…..because you ARE ALIVE!!! So go out there and contradict and LIVE!

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  1. starleeta says:

    Thank you..please come again…


  2. I’m impressed, I found your site on Ask searching for something completely unrelated- and now I’m going to have to go through the old posts XD So much for my spare time this morning, but this was a really great find 😀


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