Nevertheless I do read for days on end when I have caught the scent of a trail. – Ezra -thanks!

The scent of a trail…do you smell something brewing?? Can you feel the pull of amazement dragging you to its crescendo. Like fire that consumes and consumes, getting hotter and hotter with every breath. That is what it is like to find God using the God given ability of intuition within you. Its when you are reading something and your whole soul jumps with an AHA!!! When you know you have just embarked on a jouney of discovery. Our most inner parts are speaking to us all the time. Sending us trinkets and morsels of light and love. It is ever beckoning us, saying this is the way …walk ye in it!!

We fail to hear. We get wrapped up in the moments of lifes cares. We forget that within are the answers when we reflect on what is without. Take a moment today to let the Spirit within reveal an opening to your trail of peace. Then follow to see where God is leading. He has great things in store for those who are seeking.

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  1. Laurie says:

    This is very true. Unfortunately, it’s only the times that you’re paying attention when you realize what He’s doing in you. Walking off the path through thorns and brambles, His gifts and words are distorted. Thankfully, you can still hear the whispers.


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