Attention, My thoughts

What’s behind your mask?

hip is short-term. Earnest is long-term. – Randy!

Hip….what is popular now….

Earnest…what is important now…

So what is behind your mask? Is what you are and do conceived from what is hip or have you thought deeply about what you are and what you do. So often we get caught up in what is popular for the moment and we fail to take the time to swish our lives to see what they are made of. This catching up can come in a moment when we are less than honest, when we are wasting our lives on worry and fear. Oh…but to swish…to move in and among our thoughts…to cut into them to see what they are…now that it of great importance. Like mouthwash splashing and swirling in the mouth, it gets all in between the teeth and under the tongue to touch all parts. That is what it takes to find the fleeting and inconsequential things that keep us bound to opinions, fads, and want of fame. When we release the hip and throw off the mask, we find the earnest. We find what is really important to us…whether good or nay. At least when we look within in truth we can do something about it. Nothing changes if it isnt acknowledged for what it is. Nothing changes is nothing changed.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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