Love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course – by Kahlil!

When we awaken within, we find that the natural outflow is Love. We all are seeking for love to come and find us. We all want and need someone to care and give us a piece of their heart. Yet what we do not see is that what we are seeking must come from within. Love is something that is given before it is ever received. When we become Love, we are giving. It says Give and you will Receive, not the other way around!! God gave us of Himself, and in the giving of ourself we are loving. In this life seek to BE LOVE…and let that love direct you. We reap what we sow. We may not see it right away. Do not fear. Do not get jaded. LOVE!! It’s hard to love when we are full of anger. It is hard to love when we see around us others not loving. Shouldnt that cause us to want to love all the more. We are made in the image of God. He planted within us all a piece of Himself. When we cultivate that seed it grows, just as surely as a seed births a tree. Loving doesn’t mean that we have to allow others to do us means forgive them when they do. Love means being patient when others are less than perfect in our own eyes. Love is being kind when we are inconvenienced. It means letting others have their moment of joy and accomplishment and joining in. It means not always getting your way, finding where you both can stand and hold hands together. It means letting go and not holding grudges. It means saving someones name from smear instead of adding scars. It means believing the best when sometimes the evidence doesnt lead to good things in your mind. It means having faith when the sights and sounds are pulling you toward defeat. It means walking a few more feet to understand. BE wont regret it. BE LOVE…let it guide you. It always leads up.

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  1. karen mickey says:

    Kahill Gibran is one of my favorite authors/poet!


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