Is this a destination or a Journey?

Its a Journey. We start out navigating this outer world..this outer court…so intrigued and full of wonder. Our eyes dart about all the sights in front of us. We crave all the more..seeing….hearing…touching….tasting. We see this world in wonder and beauty. Then as we travel on its luster begins to dull. Then we begin the jouney within…the inner court….into the self. Who are we? How do we work? All these emotions within. All these thoughts that swirl. All of our likes and dislikes. Our needs and our understanding. We begin to amaze ourselves with the awesomeness of self. The fluctuating changes within …the moods…the feeling…the imaginations. Slowly we come to the end ourself…its like a turmultuous sea in here. Then we see something in the distance yet so close…deep deeper within …the Most Holy Place…we experience GOD…and all that He is……and all that He has…and we wonder how did we ever get so enamored with those other places…we wonder why we lingered there so long…when right here deep within …the Kingdom begins…and we learn that we no longer need to have a grasp on this life…we no longer need to understand and know who we are…all we need is GOD and we are HOME….and it was always all deep within us!!

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