My thoughts


No one can dictate to another how the Lord leads them…Yes guidelines are important. Father speaks to us all….in one way or another. I recently had myself what a friend and I humorously called ..”Chat Wars” It was a well behaved debate between us. Anyway I was reminded that we are not to argue our point but to Live the point and let that be our answer….and then again later read an article about not debating over our beliefs for we know what it took to get us to were we are now… I was thinking…LET US REASON TOGETHER…how is anyone to know another perspective If we do not speak when we feel led to speak and how HE leads us to speak. After the chat I felt the pride rise up that comes when you tell others you debated looking for the pat on the back and i was rebuked rightly….I am glad that Father took me on this path to teach me a little lesson…. I say this because I believe that I will speak what I am to speak…and HE will make it known when I am to be quiet…when enough is enough…I do not condemn myself for my “chat war” …i enjoyed it and have had wonderful fellowship with my friend since then …I learned alot about my friend about her drive and he receptivity to hear anothers point of view…and I know that Father has HIS way with me to say stop and HE DID… I have a sign that I found years ago that hangs over my closet door…It says OH LORD, FILL MY MOUTH WITH WORTHWHILE STUFF AND NUDGE ME WHEN IVE SAID ENOUGH HE did….AMEN!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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