Breathe NOW

Do not chastise yourself over past happenings. When is past? It is every moment that is not NOW.

Live in the NOW and as you breath this moment be aware of how Father breathed the breath of life into adam and gave him life and is in this moment your breath. It is in hebrew rawuch meaning spirit of God or breathe. God breathed the breath of God or the spirit of God into adam. Father breathed that same breath into us when we were reborn. So breath deeply, remember and know your every breath it is Spirit. For when we cease to breath the spirit has left the body.

Side note: I heard a man talking that people breath shallow. That we should breath deeply as much as possible. He said cancer has a hard time growing in a well oxygenated area. This made me think of God is LIFE and He is also our Breath..Amazing

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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