The Mansard House

I am going to share my inner world, with how God speaks to me. Using books, quotes, imagination, definitions, linking words and pictures connecting them to prayer, the bible and everyday life. He is always speaking…. So I have been walking through lent in a non conventional way… This e- book : Irrational Joy Nothing... Continue Reading →

when JOY rubs out sludge

Been learning about CHOICE. There is a lot left to choice! Thoughts... Attitudes... Words... Actions... We are NOT STUCK .....IF we KNOW we have a CHOICE! I have been reading two books by Dr. Caroline Leaf - The Gift in YOU and Who Switched Off My Brain? It it interesting how she breaks down the way our... Continue Reading →

What are WORDS???

Words are words... They spell out what you think They form a poem out of a feeling They sing to us the sweet songs we sing The words we use are powerful but that is not just all The words you use are the thoughts from in and out of mind They help us understand where... Continue Reading →

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