Lent 2022 – God does what He says


In Jeremiah chapter 39, King Nebuchadnezzer of Babylon advanced against Jerusalem with his entire army and laid siege to it; they finally broke into the city. 

King Zedekiah and his fighting men flee the city by night but the King Nebuchadnezzer men arrest him and bring him before the king.What happened to Zedekiah and his sons is pretty brutal and they also burned down the king’s palace in the people’s houses and the walls of Jerusalem.

But to Jeremiah King Nebuchadnezzer of Babylon gave these orders:

 “Take him and look after him. Don’t do him any harm, but do for him whatever he says.”

Jeremiah 39:12

Then they gave him a ration of food, a gift, and released him. 

In chapter 40, it is full of twists and turns, a warning of a plot to kill the man King Nebuchadnezzer left in charge of Judah, a request to preemptively strike before he was killed, accusation of lies.

Chapter 41 the plot to kill is accomplished through false friendship, a fake out and ambush, a cistern full of the slain, hidden treasure, and a man named Ishmael who did all these things and took the rest of the people, the daughters of the king, guards, and officials captive and set off to cross over to the Ammonites. But God had promised in previous prophecies through Jeremiah that if they submitted to the Chaldeans they would live, remain in Judah, and it would go well for them. A man came and rescued them all and left Ishmael on the run with eight men. They fled to Egypt. 

God does what He says He will do, no matter what men may say or do! 

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