Lent 2022 – His promises never fail

Listen to Jeremiah 33-34

God continues to make declarations over them to bring them back and restore them.

Jeremiah 33:8 I will purify them from all the iniquity they have committed against me, and I will forgive all the iniquities they have committed against me, rebelling against me.

They are standing amoung rubble and burned city. But the seige wasnt over yet…

and God promises.

Jeremiah 33:14 I will fulfill the good promise that I have spoken

In this chapter, Jeremiah give a glimpse of the Christ who would come to bring the New Covenant. Jeremiah doesn’t share as much as other books like Isaiah but it is clear that Christ is coming.

Jeremiah 33:5-16 In those days and at that time
I will cause a Righteous Branch
to sprout up for David,
and he will administer justice
and righteousness in the land.
16 In those days Judah will be saved,
and Jerusalem will dwell securely,
and this is what she will be named:
The Lord Is Our Righteousness.

God makes it perfectly clear that His covenant will come to pass and it will be as sure as the sun rising and setting. He mentions this is both verse 20 and in verse 25.

Jeremiah 33:25-26 This is what the Lord says: If I do not keep my covenant with the day and with the night, and if I fail to establish the fixed order of heaven and earth, 26 then I might also reject the descendants of Jacob and of my servant David. That is, I would not take rulers from his descendants to rule over the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But in fact, I will restore their fortunes and have compassion on them.”

One commentary said this:

 “God placed the sun and the moon on the bargaining table. He offered the heavenly bodies as a security deposit for his covenant promise. If God ever fails to provide an eternal King or a permanent priest, then the sun and the moon will be yours to keep!” “It should be noted, if only in passing, that these verses form part of the foundation for the modern study of science. They assert that the regularity of day and night is not the product of evolutionary chance. Rather, God has established a covenant with the sun and the moon.” – Philip Graham Ryken

In chapter 34 – In a moment of clarity that the Babylonias were in fact coming, King Zedekiah declare emancipation for the Hebrew slaves in Judah. All the people set their slaves free. But when the Babylonians turned to fight the Egyptians all the people changed their minds and took back their male and female slaves they had let go free and forced them to become slaves again. With the threat gone, there was no more need to radically repent, so they repented of their repentance and forced these slaves back into servitude.  

Going back to disobedience was unholy before God.

David Guzik

Jeremiah 34: 13- 14 “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: I made a covenant with your ancestors when I brought them out of the land of Egypt, out of the place of slavery, saying, ‘At the end of seven years, each of you must let his fellow Hebrew who sold himself to you go. He may serve you six years, but then you must let him go free from your service.’ But your ancestors did not obey me or pay any attention.

How hard is it to remain faithful and hope in God when we are going through hard times? Our generation is easily distracted and we often find something to entertain us. Here we see that instead of waiting in the uncomfortable for God’s provision and restoration they would rather make something else their god and oppress others to relieve the pain and frustration. The promise of God needed to come these people would over and over disobey and break the old covenant between them and God.

Are we American Christians really that different?

How many times have we agreed and promised to follow and obey and then broken our promises to God? God is not like us – His promises never fail.

He sent Christ so that His Spirit would live within us and give us the power to be faithful!

It’s not easy to obey God. How much harder without Christ who is the light to live within us? Even just this weekend my son called me out twice and what did I do?? I basically told him to mind his business because Im the mom and he is the kid. But the Lord leaned on me. How gracious and loving is our God to lean upon our spirit with conviction to reveal to us our sin and attitude? This morning in prayer it came up again. I repented. Then I told my son sorry. He was holding me accountable to what I had said and I held him in contempt for it. Thank you Jesus for your faithful promises. You never fail.

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