Lent 2022 – He’s preparing us

Listen to Jeremiah 12

Today is the official start day of Lent – today is the start of our 40 day fast.

We have been examining our own heart and walk.

In Jeremiah chapter 12, we find that Jeremiah decides he’s going to question God about what is happening around him. We also find a moral law operating in the world, One that often causes people to be bothered in mind and heart. God makes it rain on both the good and evil. He is still good when people are bad. Jeremiah seemed to be questioning: why does God allow the wicked to prosper or to have pleasure? 

You will be righteous, Lord,

even if I bring a case against you.

Yet, I wish to contend with you:

Why does the way of the wicked prosper?

Why do all the treacherous live at ease?

Jeremiah 12:1

Jeremiah calls out that God planted them and gave them fruit. He says, “You are ever on their lips but far from their conscience.” Jesus would echo this in Matthew 15 saying, “This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. They worship me in vain, teaching as doctrines human commands.” Jeremiah does something that perhaps you and I have done many times where he decides to contrast his own life against the life of those he thinks are wicked asking, “Why do they get to prosper, while I suffer?” 

God answers him with a question. Have you even noticed that God does that? He answers with questions! God said to Jeremiah: “If you have raced with runners; and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?” Jeremiah had become fed up and worn out by seeing and prophesying against all this wickedness. Perhaps Jeremiah had felt a bit at his wit’s end with this situation and wondering why God was taking so long to deal with these people. This odd answer gives us clues to Jeremiah situation. He was in a challenge, but he could expect a greater challenge to come. God contrasted running against men versus running against horses. It was time for Jeremiah to trust God and draw on His strength in this challenge so that he was able to meet the next challenge. This current suffering and struggle were to prepare him for a greater challenge that he would face in the future. Sometimes the hardest things to do when life is hard is to trust that God can get you through and know that He is also preparing you for what’s to come at the same time.

Sometimes we are just like Jeremiah, questioning God about what is happening and why. We want answers as to when things will be deal with and over. We don’t like feeling like we are living in a constant struggle. Yet, the truth is that life is a struggle and God is our rock in the midst of it. This Lent lean into and submit your heart before the Lord to trust Him more.

He is preparing us. Will we be ready for what’s ahead?

Thanks for Listening,


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