Lent 2022 – Take Inventory

Listen to Jeremiah 5-6

Starting at Jeremiah 5:14-6:30

Lent is not for the faint of heart! As we read deeper and deeper into this book of Jeremiah, it gets harder and harder to read. In this chapter 5, God calls Himself – the Lord of Armies. Judgment is coming upon Israel and Judah! The Lord of Armies says that He’s going to make Jeremiah’s words become like “fire in his mouth towards the people.” And still we see that God’s heart is toward the people. The Lord says in verse 18 “but even in those days, this is the lord’s declaration, I will not finish you off.”

They had abandoned the Lord and served foreign gods in their own land. He calls them “foolish and senseless not having eyes or ears. They do not fear Him. They do not tremble before Him. All of their guilty acts are before Him. There’s nothing but oppression among them.” Can you imagine how bad the culture had to have been for God to say these things? Sometimes we look at our own culture and think will God come and bring judgment against them? We forget that He comes first to look at the heart of His people. This is what Lent is for, to slow down long enough to take inventory of our own hearts.

He said, of this culture, in Isreal and Judah, that everyone from the prophet to the priest, dealt falsely. He says they say, “we won’t listen.” How is your heart not willing to listen to the Lord? Sometimes circumstances just harden us. Pain and frustration have a way of distracting us from what God is doing. Success and power have a way of doing the exact same thing. Somewhere along the line of our journey we just stop listening to the Lord and we don’t even know its happened. Look at what was happening. God said, I am going to bring disaster on them. Why? It’s the fruit of their own plotting. They have paid no attention to His words and they’ve rejected His instruction.

They are about to reap what they have sown.

I have appointed you to be an assayer among my people—

a refiner—

so you may know and assay their way of life.

28 All are stubborn rebels

spreading slander.

They are bronze and iron;

all of them are corrupt.

29 The bellows blow,

blasting the lead with fire.

The refining is completely in vain;

the evil ones are not separated out.

30 They are called rejected silver,

for the Lord has rejected them.

Jeremiah 6:27-30

The language here, talking about refining silver but only finding bronze and iron is a word picture for all the corruption among the people. Again, can you imagine, how bad it must have been that God says, “I’m going send a Jeremiah among you, to examine you.” He sent him to see if there is anything among them, that could be salvaged? And sadly, when the refining was complete, it is all in vain because the evil could not even be separated from them. This is our condition without Christ! Christ came to make us pure before the Lord, to make us beautiful silver, tried by fire, and made pure. The promise of God to not finish them off – was the promise to send Someone who could refine them into pure silver.

He has told you, O man, what is good, and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

Micah 6:8

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