Run Rampant

How much peace do I sacrifice when I believe that I don’t have all that I need? When ‘wants’ start to pile up, maybe even when what I think I deserve starts to invade my heart. Contentment never comes from wanting more. This world is constantly pushing us to go get more. The newest phone model, the newest clothes, the next big thing. Wanting more is never ending cycle. How much is enough? What will bring you peace? What will cause you to say, “I am satisfied?”

I am reminded again of what Pastor Chad said, ” God doesn’t give you what you want, He gives you what you need.” I remember before I came to Iowa. I was 19 years old. I wrote in my journal about wanting sunlight, rainbows, and dreams of better days. (yes, I have journals from all the way back then) This was my young hearts way of saying I wanted to find love that made me feel warm, full of hope, and promise of goodness in my life. I thought that I wouldn’t find that kind of love. I thought because of all I had gone through, had done, had become. I wasn’t worth the sunlight, rainbows and dreams of better days. Then, I moved to Iowa. I thought I knew what I wanted. But God had another idea. The day I met my husband – he took my breath away. Then about a year later I met Jesus and He breathed new life in me. Together they were exactly what I needed.

When I am with Jesus, I have exactly what I need.

Pastor Chad Garrison

Do you ever struggle with focus? I do. More now than I used too. The distractions of this life come from all different directions, scream for our attention. How can we stay with Jesus?

Isaiah 26:3 You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.

I wrote down this question during Sundays message: What causes your mind to not be stayed on Jesus? Fear! My lifelong rival with fear is two fold. Fearing to speak the truth and fearing what other people will think. Both constantly scrap and gnaw at my soul. Both held me captive for years. Both can’t have me back! I see fear coming a mile away. These last couple of years have been a fight and a half to live in what God says: Do not fear! It’s everywhere: Fear of sickness. Fear of judgment if I don’t do this or I do – do that. Fear of what other people will think. Fear of rejection. Fear of pain. Fear of losing relationship. Fear of death. It has run rampant. The enemy of our souls wants to use fear to shut us down and then drive us to distraction. Drive us to anything that numbs us so that we don’t do something with those feelings of fear. He wants us to stop processing. He wants trauma to get stuck in all our achy places so that we automatically react instead of staying with Jesus who is our peace. Staying with Jesus who knows how to navigate the dark of fear.

My Prince of Peace – Jesus! When I am with you, I have exactly what I need?

Soul, be satisfied with Christ. Be content in Him. DO NOT FEAR! He is near. Breath. Trust.

All is grace,


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