Advent 2021 – Second Sunday

Today is Dec 5, 2021. It is the 2nd Sunday of Advent.

We have journeyed through the first theme of Advent: Hope! Christ is our hope. This week we move into our second theme: Peace!

At church today we heard a Christmas song that I have heard many times but this was a little different. The song was called “He has come for us” by Meredith Andrews. It is a rendition of the song called: God rest ye merry Gentlemen.

God rest ye merry gentlemen, Let nothing you dismay.

Remember Christ, our Savior, Was born on Christmas day.

To save us all from Satan’s power, When we were gone astray.

O, tidings of comfort and joy, Comfort and joy.

O, tidings of comfort and joy,

He has come for us. This Jesus.

He’s the hope for all Mankind. He has come for us. The Messiah Born to give us life.

I heard it deeper now this time. Like it tried to fill a gaping hole in me. The last 2 years have beaten and battered us, like waves crashing on the shore over and over again. Pastor Chad shared with us that this statement “God rest ye merry Gentlemen” means in our modern language, “God make you strong, gentlemen!” He makes us strong, He brings us peace. Oh, how we need comfort and joy. Where can we find it? How can we get it? As we wildly turn and turn looking for peace anywhere that we can get it. Backing away from the world to regain our strength or to preserve it. Where did we get the idea that peace comes in the less, the shutting down, and the bowing out? Isolation is not the same as peace.

This week we will unpack the gift of peace that comes to us the person of Christ.

Pray with me:

Jesus, we need you. You are the Prince of Peace and the Lord of all. When the troubles and trials of this life are thrown at us from the left and the right would You come and be our peace in the middle of the storm. When it feels like a tornado was thrown into my soul, would you come and calm my every chaotic part and aching place. Let me be steady and strong in you. Let me not hide away to create my own but rather stand in the knowing that you are my peace. Amen

All is grace,


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