Advent 2021

Advent begins this Sunday, November 28th.

Advent for me always brings a slowing down. The winter slides in and the trees and animals start to hibernate. I sense my body and mind desire a slowing down, and letting in of a little more grace.

This year, Advent feels a little more hopeful that the last few. I don’t think I would have been able to say that a few days ago. (Read here for why that is) I believe that through Advent the Lord will show me afresh the work he began in me a year ago. It hasn’t been an easy walk this year and yet I turn my eyes to Jesus. He is the One my heart desires. The One I look for and call to. The One I need.

I am going to walk alongside my Pastor, who loves the Christmas season, and enjoys walking through Advent. Over the next 4 weeks leading up to Christmas I will unpack the Advent themes as my Pastor preaches and walk through the questions for the road (those are questions given each week at our church to go deeper) I will also be actively listening, looking, and capturing what Jesus has to say to me…through the Advent season… this I know:


Join me, read along, share what you are doing for Advent…

All is grace,


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Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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