Psalm 124, escape, help, the Lord is on our side

Psalm 124:6-8 Praise be to the Lord who has not let us be torn by their teeth. We have escaped like a bird from the fowler’s snare; the snare has been broken, and we have escaped. Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Can you remember a time when the Lord was your help and the enemy was not able to overcome you? When the Lord protected you when you thought for sure you were snared and would be broken? I do. So many times that I thought, “this is it! I am done for. I surely wont recover from this.” But then God showed up and made a way.

He whisked me away to a new place…

He planted my feet in solid ground…

He made a way when I thought there wasn’t a way…

He strengthened me when I would have collaped…

He rebuilt the broken places…

He rearranged my life and brought life again…

He repaired the broken places and restored…

God is in the business of being our help!

“When we look back on life, as the psalmist does here, we become aware of the myriad instances of Divine protection. We were not so vividly conscious at the time; we might even have had fits of depression and counted ourselves bereft. But if we narrowly consider the perils from which we have been rescued, when we were about to be swallowed up quick, we become convinced that He was there.”


Father, had you not been on my side, if you hadn’t been right here with me, I would have been swallowed up by this life. So many times, you have saved me and delivered me from the enemy. I would have withered away in sin. I would have remained a wanderer with no home. I would have been lost and overtaken. I would have given my heart away until it was gone. I would have been washed away by the overwhelming flood of this life. But you Lord, saved me. You did not allow me to be taken away. I escaped like a bird because you are my help. You are the Maker of heaven and earth. Help us Lord to remember how you have been there and had made a way. Help us to trust that you will do it again. You are a God who can be trusted. You will make a way. Let us lift our eyes to the hills, where does our help come from? It comes from the Lord. Therefore, we declare, ” The Lord is on our side.” I will not fear. I will not fret. My God is with me.

Thank you for praying and listening,


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