My little story…

I haven’t really shared my experience with Covid. I have often felt that nobody would like my Covid story! It doesn’t fit the narrative that is out there. It doesn’t fit the timeline either. Every time I did start to mention it I felt the shift of dismissal of what had happened to us, “Oh that can’t be right, it must have been something else. Covid didn’t show up until later.

My hubby and I got it before it was supposed to even be in the US. We got sick in Dec 2019.

One year later in December 2020 an article was written on ABC News website stating:

When I read this article I felt vindicated. Many shrugged this little piece of fact off.

Many people around us in December 2019 and during that time frame were getting sick.

We had the stated Covid symptoms: Coughing, shortness of breath, fever, vomiting and headache. Hubby even lost his taste and smell for several weeks. We felt like we’d been hit by a truck. This sickness was by no means easy to deal with.

I had been in bed for 3 days, you know a sickness is a doozy, when you are down that long. I had woken up on the 3rd night gasping for air. It was scary! The next morning I went to the doctor. He said it could be an unknown virus or bronchial infection. So, he put me on prednisone and an antibiotic. My hubby went in 2 days later. He put him on prednisone, antibiotic, and an inhaler. Our son had a couple sluggish days and moved on with his life. It was 2 weeks before I began to feel a bit more like normal and at least 3 months I had been feeling sluggish and I struggling with my lungs feeling heavy when I would strain them by being a little more active than normal or the weather would change.

The first date of an official Covid case arrival in the USA- they announced was January 21, 2020.

Then they started locking us down by March.

I had been praying for my lungs during this lock down time because they just didn’t seem to be getting back to normal. As I prayed, I kept seeing myself in my mind running. I took that as a vision from the Lord and I started running to the end of the street, 3 blocks from my house, a couple times a week. It was uncomfortable and it hurt at first, but it pushed my lungs to expand, and I didn’t struggle to breath after that. ( I don’t recommend for you – I was obeying what I heard from the Lord for me)

Anyway…. I’ve often thought why didn’t they immediately start putting people on a steroid/inhalers??? Why didn’t the people who work in healthcare see this sickness over and over and over and over again and think to themselves, “Oh…wow this is the same thing that’s been here since December!” And prescribe accordingly what had been working for others??

Once they called it Covid – you couldn’t get medication for it. To get treated you had to be admitted to a hospital. My friend got Covid in August 2020. They told her and her family to quarantine. They said, “if it gets worse let us know.” It did for her. Her oxygen levels started dropping. She was admitted to the hospital. They put her on oxygen and gave her a steroid! Why they didn’t do that asap, instead of waiting until she had to be admitted…

Seriously I don’t understand.

I was around a lot of different people who came down with this sickness over the past year and a half and never got it again. Antibodies are cool like that!

And … Yeah, I’ve heard all the stories of hospitals getting more money for Covid patients and all the others stuff about Covid being used to take away the rights of Americans. I’m not about to get into that. I just wanted to share my little story -this is just one person’s personal experience. Take it or leave it, that is what happened to my family and my friend.

Emotions around this topic are high. I know.

I believe laced within the stories of the people – we see the truth. #discern

Thanks for Listening.


Part 2 – of our story

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