I love blogging! Which means I can’t make this a workspace. Which is what I did. Again.

In 2017, I was at the Foursquare Heartland District Conference with the staff of Springs of Life in Indiana. The theme of this conference was BEHOLD. The whole conference over and over again was reinforced with the image of Jesus our Shepherd. They encouraged us to follow the Shepherd of our souls. That’s when it happened, right there in the middle of worship, I got this vision of pools of water purposefully created for the sheep to drink deep so that the sheep, who were also like trees in this vision, could develop deep roots in Christ. Watering Hole is a simple space for those who hear the call of our Shepherd’s voice to “Come and get a drink.” This moment is why I started this blog and called it Sunday2Monday. I started retranslating in my own words what the Sunday messages at my church and then also doing posts called Watering Hole. These posted where a little deeping thinking into the content. I thought it was awesome. I thought I did something great.

Now let me tell you what I actually did. I turned my blog into work as I tried to work to make that 2017 vision come to pass. It’s worn me out. Why do we do that? Why do we make what gives us life and what cultivates joy in us into work? Is that an American cultural thing? It’s like we try to make whatever is enjoyable to us scale-able and usable for others. Which I don’t necessarily think is bad but we’ve got to stop changing what’s fun and fuel to our soul into hard work. Especially when no one asked us too.

The first Sunday2Monday post on Jan 8, 2018 was called Space4Grace – it was about entering into a new season of rest but ended up as more work. I wrote Sunday2Monday’s that year June 11, 2018. Then my plate got full at church and I stopped to give me space. I had to drop…. WORK to focus on my position at the church. Along the way I found my love for writing again.

Then we got a new pastor at church and that old vision and the blog idea lit again. Did the Lord tell me too? No. Did I think it was a good idea? Yes. So, again I started writing Sunday2Monday’s on January 3, 2021! I wrote until I gave the message at church on March 14, 2021 in the series called WITH. The message was about how we sometimes relate to God in a “For God” position. You can listen at that link if you would like. It was a message about living life to serve in a “for God” way. It sounds so noble. But it is a position that is self-focused and bases everything on what we are giving, where we serve, and how we are sacrificing for God. It’s a mission-mindedness that is attributed to people who are the go-getters, the doers, the overcomers but something is missing IF the mission and what we can DO FOR GOD is the main focus. 

And suddenly…. again… I stopped.

I was again working for God – trying to do something of value.

As I began to pray and ponder on why I again did this – searching for the answers. The Lord simple said, “What did I ask you to do?” I said, “Read and Pray through Psalms.”

This past week, 4 days ago, I obeyed God. If you want to follow along, I am sharing on my Facebook or Instagram of these Psalm prayers as public posts.

So here I am back to posting my journey, not what I think is a good thing to post.

There are 1,104 posts on here. I started writing on this blog ( its been through many updates and name changes) on December 12, 2008. I slowly started my journey with writing and I love it. So, if you don’t mind I am going to go back to just enjoying this space I created to share my journey with Jesus. This is my restart!

All is grace,


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