Sunday2Monday: Waiting Isn’t Wasting

As we continue in the series through Habakkuk called When God Doesn’t. This message called Waiting Isn’t Wasting shared with us how Habakkuk brings his complaints to the Lord. 

  1. Believe – Habakkuk wrestles and doesn’t run from the troubles. Habakkuk is in a situation where waiting is the only move he’s got. Does anyone like to wait? Not really? Most of the time, it just feels like a big waste of time but in the message this past Sunday, Pastor Chad pointed out a new way to view waiting, “Waiting is still progress.” In God waiting on God is doing something. Much of what we deal with in this world, famine, governmental mismanagement, and natural disasters are totally out of our control. If we can learn the art of waiting in God which is a lot more like listening to what He has to say rather than constantly talking at Him. We must learn to be still enough to hear His answers. Do we even believe that He will answer our prayers? 
  2. Trust – We sit on chairs all the time. They bear our weight and we trust that they will hold us. Do we trust God like that? That He can bear all my pain, hurt, and trouble? Do I trust Him? God’s answers may not come as fast as you would like. It is in these moments of waiting and testing of our trust and faith in God that Satan comes in to sow doubt. He comes to when we are vulnerable but our God is faithful. As we are walking through the seasons of struggle and pain we are encouraged by Habakkuk to write down what God has been saying to us. 
  3. Expect –  When we expect God to show up and He will in the appointed time. I like the verse that Pastor Chad pointed out: “the vision awaits its appointed time. If it seems slow, wait for it!” This brings out a simple truth: When it is not time, you can’t change that. When it is time, you can’t stop it. Faith is about expecting God and it is the righteous who are marked by faith because they know that with God there is always hope. 

Our focus as believers in God is God, Himself, not the results. Honestly, that is hard to accept. It’s easy to say but in practicality and within the culture we live in results seem to matter so much more than anything else. They are seen as the goal! Nonetheless, it is true. He is the prize! James 1:12 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. The results we need and the one result God is ultimately after is to just be with you through the trial and the struggle! In doing that, we endure the challenge and come out the other side victorious. God is at work when we are with Him.  It’s in the waiting that He is found. Sometimes we breeze right by the in between seasons that are sandwiched between the old season and the new season. The space where change is still uncomfortable and the new hasn’t quite settled in yet. It is there in the middle of the waiting for all that fullness of the new to come that we are most vulnerable. Fix your eyes on Jesus! He is the way through.

All is grace,


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